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Power Integrations, Inc

Power Integrations, Inc. is a provider of high performance electronic components for high-voltage power conversion systems, based in Silicon Valley. Our integrated circuit and diode can help a large number of electronic products, including televisions, PC, home appliances, smart meters and LED lights, to design compact and compact high power AC-DC power supplies. The SCALE IGBT drive we can improve the large power application efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness, its applications include industrial motor, solar and wind power systems, electric vehicles and HVDC etc.. Since its inception in 1998, Power Integrations's EcoSmart technology has saved billions of dollars in energy consumption and saved millions of tons of carbon emissions. Due to the role of our products in environmental protection, the Power Integrations stock has been subsumed under the environmental protection technology stock index sponsored by Cleantech, Group, LLC and Clean Edge. Visit our green space for comprehensive guidelines on global energy efficiency standards.

Main product series

Power management: AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, switch controller, switching regulator, LED lighting driver, gate driver

Application areas

Consumer electronics, lighting, electronic transportation / automotive industry / Automation

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