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If you join Nanyang Company, you will enjoy a competitive salary, a sound welfare system, a variety of training and learning opportunities and a wealth of amateur life, the company will give every employee talent to give full play to work and life solid backing, Create a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Please send your electronic resume Word document to ourEmail: info@nanyec.com, or contact our Human Resources Department directly.


The company through the newspaper, website, talent market and other ways to implement the recruitment, combined with the candidate's comprehensive ability, work experience, education, work attitude, health status, etc. decide whether to be hired.

【operating hours】

The company currently has regular working hours for eight hours a day. 5 days a week

Paid holiday

Legal paid holidays for all employees every year:

New Year's Day Day

Spring Festival five days

Labor Day for three days

National Day for three days

If the holiday and the sun overlap can be advanced or postponed, or in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Government. Within the company's authority, a "floating" holiday may be provided for non-payment of wages, which may be compounded or non-coincident with the above holiday.

【Leave system】

The company's employees are entitled to marital leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, funeral leave, sick leave and so on depending on the labor law.

【Employee Salary】

Employee remuneration is based on the responsibility of the company and the value created for the company, combined with its comprehensive ability, work experience, education and other conditions reasonable salary. And the company regularly reviewed and adjusted to promote the company's wage system more perfect and more competitive.

【Promotion and Reward】

In order to motivate employees to play their own ability, consciously concerned about the interests of the company, give full play to your talents and creativity, the company regularly on the performance of all employees to assess and assess the outstanding performance of employees in addition to wage promotion or promotion opportunities, Will be rewarded.

Each year, the company conducts a general assessment of the performance and technical level of the entire employee for one year to determine the rate of increase.

Other benefits:

Other welfare companies in accordance with the "Labor Law" and the relevant provisions of the social insurance for employees, including pension, medical and other projects.

The company set up within the love fund project, in order to have difficulties in life and the emergence of unexpected staff to bring love and life support.

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